Thursday, July 17, 2008

This "Guy" is an Accessory You Can Wear

[from Christine]
The following is a true story:

Several years ago I was shopping at a Macy's and it happened! A heavenly combustion--It was love at first sight at a shopping store. It knows me, my essence. I MUST HAVE IT. Do you want to guess the object of my shopping desire?

A diamond ring? NO. Diamond rings do not tickle my fashion fancy. I'll wait one day when I get married to add to my repetoire of fashion hobbies.

The latest Ja Lo fashion? No, no

A bikini? No, but that's more like it

Home Decor? getting warmer...

any more guesses???

It was luggage!!! Yes, a 22"modern day burlap sack with firm, rounded corners, a zipper and wrapped in a tan and green fabric was now my number one priority in life. (hmm apparitions of a modern day Tarzan flash by). At that time I was traveling more frequently for work and for pleasure--a three day weekend to St. Augustine, a cousin's wedding in the south of Spain, a trip to the Amalfi coast of Italy on luxurious Sea Dream Yacht Club cruise. Those upcoming trips required luggage that was practical, a statement, a testament for my love of Miami and traveling beyond. It also made for a great accessory to my traveling outfit (a little vanity never hurt anyone). More importantly, I felt uncomfortable playing the peek-a-boo-at-my luggage-while pushing-with-elbows game at the airport luggage carousel trying to identify my bag closeup since 90% of bags are the color black and the same size.

Well Mom, (good ol' mom) had once recommended tying a gold ribbon on my black bag for easy identification. That worked for awhile. Then travelers' magazines and reporters offered the same tip. Enough was enough. Peace of mind and fashion protocol required luggage that was a different color, pattern, anything to easily identify it at the airport!!!

So there was MY LUGGAGE--in a light tan with green palm trees fabric pattern. "Wow, are you the ambassador of Miami?" joked one friend when picking me up from the airport after I purchased the luggage. But at the Macy's it was a two-piece set. A cosmetic bag and small carry-on size. This would not be enough for traveling to Europe. (Admittedly I'm NOT a light packer--must bring at least 4 pairs of shoes for a weekend trip). "No, there MUST be a complete set of luggage somewhere." I pondered. Quickly I typed the name of the brand into my Blackberry memopad (which selfishly I still won't disclose for fear someone will have the same set of luggage at the same day, time and airport carousel. It's bad enough someone now wears the same Victoria's Secret bathing suit at my pool, or even the occasional blouse at work. But luggage--that's going too far).

Immediately, at home I warmed up the computer and jumped on the Internet. After an hour, I discovered three websites that carried the tropical luggage. But the price tag was around $1200--sticker shock set in--is that what luggage costs these days? I had a piece meal set from over the years. Then like a small miracle, the last site, showed the complete luggage for ONLY $270. Did I see that correctly?? Yes, my lasik surgery had not fogged my eyesight. I jumped and screamed to the dismay of Mon Cherie--my little white dog.

So if you're tired of toting the same identical black luggage as 90% of the traveling population--this is YOUR GUY. offers a handsome collection of high-end name brand luggage (Pierre Cardin and Tommy Bahama) to the classics like Samsonite. The name brand sets offer a variety of colors and patterns. is about high fashion at the lowest prices.

So yes I still have my luggage four years later in great condition. I wish I had a reason to buy more luggage. (Hey-my dog needs a set when we travel! That's good reason!!!) Check out these beauties. Pink Pierre Cardin four piece luggage set for only $99 plus FREE SHIPPING. Below that, this Liz Claiborne black and ivory cotton jacard blend with houndstooth pattern is a classic--like that timeless little black dress. The set is currently reduced half price from $620 to $274 PLUS FREE SHIPPING. And yes, there are some manly selections for men as well.

Guranteed Lowest Luggage Prices

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Well, the site offers a potpourri of attractive, well priced luggage. So start with the links below for your introduction to

Travel in style like a jetsetter, without the Tiffancy price tag!!!


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