Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feline Furniture

Finally I found cat furniture with style! Introducing the Refined Feline. Look at these shelves that are stylish, yet functional! (Love that sofa too! If only that were cat-proof, hmm I wonder...)

The Cat Silhouette Cat Shelf is part wall art, part cat perch and is made of high gauge steel with machine-washable cushions. They thought of everything! The best part of all--it's MADE IN USA!!!

The predecessor is the Cat Cloud Shelf that is sleek, modern and comes in white, offwhite and titanium for that clean and contemporary look. What a marvelous idea for both decorating a home and providing indoor cats with a way to jump and get exercise.

The Refined Feline also offers INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

Pass this along to your cat friends that may want to update their decor and have stylish, complementing cat furniture!


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