Sunday, September 21, 2008

Make Up Do's & Dont's

The last time I "played" with makeup was 30 years ago. Turning 40, I am now paying attention to the thousands of new products, ingredients, and functions of contemporary makeup. So much has changed. In my research, I came across these Do's & Don'ts for applying makeup. There's no time to play dress up so I have to get it right the first time. Let us know if you agree or have other Do's & Don'ts to add.

DON'T pump your mascara brush in the tube. It introduces excess air and will reduce the life and performance of your mascara.

DO swirl the brush around the tube to pick up more product. (Won't this make it "clumpy"?)

DON'T apply concealer over your lips. This can make your lipstick look chalky or crease in the middle of your lips.

DO color in your whole lip with a natural lip pencil. If you like wearing colored lipsticks or glosses but they "change color" on you, the pencil can neutralize your own lip color and create a stained effect helping lip color last longer.

DON'T apply liquid foundation with a sponge. Sponges soak up too much product that over time, the sponge absorbs more foundation than your skin. A complete waste.

DO use your fingers (ensure they are clean) or a foundation brush, to blend makeup smoothly for a natural finish.

DON'T choose a concealer that is too light. Concealer should match your skin tone otherwise a lighter one will not cover dark circles. Not sure which shade to choose? Select the darker one.

DO neutralize first then brighten. Apply concealer to neutralize discoloration under the eye area and afterwards add brightness by using a highlighting product.

DON't apply foundation or concealer to eyelids. This will cause creasing and shorten the wearability of your eyeshadow.

DO apply eyeshadow directly to eyelid. Another option is apply a very light amount of eyeshadow base before applying eye makeup. This will prevent creasing, smearing, and help your colors last longer.

DON'T skip facial moisturizers, even if your skins is a little oily. Healthy skin needs a balance of oil and water. Often skin will produce more oil in the absence of water leading to blotchiness and breakoouts.

DO wear a lightweight moisturizer for combination skin. [Which ones? There are so many and I have sensitive skin]

Do you agree with these Tips? Have others to add? Are you a "makeup artist" with pictures to share? Post a comment!


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog and really enjoy it. It's light weight and covers a variety of fashion topics. Most girly magazines make me dizzy with a collage of advertisements, tips all crammed onto one page. Times that by 100 pages and nauseau sets in.

As an "ugly Betty" and medical student I don't have the time or money to spend on fashion. But I realize it helps to look pretty to meet guys, especially outside the hospital. I never like to mix work with pleasure. Thanks for your stories and basic tips. Angela

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great blog. Its extremely helpful considering most people today work full time and barely have time to eat let alone keep up with the latest fashion trends and products. THANKS!!!

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