Sunday, July 20, 2008

Krysha Goes Tiffany

Speaking of Tiffany, well this was my first "Tiffany" event and experience. Last Thursday, July 17, I was invited by my new friend, Melissa Berry, at Sea Dream Yacht Club cruise to attend a Tiffany show.

The event was held at the Conrad Hotel at Level 25 on Brickell Avenue in Miami. The evening kicked off with champagne and hot hors'doeuvres, cheese and crackers. Women of all ages attended in their Tiffany best outfit. (pictured on left: Adrienne d'Annunzio from Sea Dream and Christine Michaels)

Soon the models emerged in dazzling and jaw dropping jewels draping around their necks and dangling from ears. My expectations were met. Show me the showroom! Before the next presentation round, we glided over to the display table for more indulgence. Gold strand necklaces with a pink or green drop pendant--simple elegance. These were the favorite by most of the ladies and we could try them on without an attendant (although we were closely watched by an off-to-the-side guard. The earpiece gave him away--like a Secret Service Agent dressed less conspicuously in a Versace-like gray suit).

While there were no diamonds at the display table, the Tiffany collection has diversified to other favorite contemporary accessories including sunglasses. One pair included diamond studded frames. Costume jewelry was another newcomer which shocked me. Isn't that sacrilegious for a brand that touts to be the premier diamond jeweler? As expected, there were no price tags. Having just seen the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with Audrey Hepburn, her character Holly and boyfriend, Fred, walk into Tiffany's asking if there was anything for $10. The response by the proper, well mannered Tiffany attendant, was politely "no". That was in 1961.

For round two of cocktails, servers brought out light blue martinis as modeled by Adrienne and Susanne to the picture on the left. Light on alcohol, sweeter than tea, it was Kool-aid with a kick. I loved it--perfect for a connossieur who enjoys liquor to accentuate all the drink flavors not overpower the drink. For once I could have more than one martini. OK--now I was ready to place my first Tiffany order. But not before the two models appeared bedecked in Bluemarine dresses, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Tiffany jewelry. Gorgeous ensembles.

As the night winded down, the host called our attention to the raffle. What could the prize box possibly ensconce other than a diamond? One of the ladies at our table was a lucky winner. Curiosity about to kill this cat, our friend gracefully, unwrapped her gift box which framed a certificate to a local spa. But the rest of us were not to leave empty handed.

At the end of the evening, each of us received the coveted light blue inscribed "Tiffany & Co" gift bags which contained a silver key chain, worth $100, a Tiffany catalog, and 10% discount coupon for Blumarine at Merrick Park. I suppose even Tiffany or Blumarine recognizes that any small incentive in this shaky economy is better than none, even if your product is "high end".

Enamored with the event, we bonded with the other ladies at our table, all self-made entrepreneurs for high-end services.

Overall, we loved the event. The people, the ambiance, the presentation and the hotel. Flipping through the "mini Tiffany catalog", we wondered which piece would be our first choice. Too limited. The next quick shop option--the Internet. Until July 25, is offering free shipping on purchases of $200 or more. Normally I start Christmas shopping in August or September, maybe I should start earlier to have the gift paid off by Christmas. Wait a minute-my 40th birthday is approaching in October! This indeed calls for a special celebration or self gift!!

What is your favorite brand for jewelry or diamonds? Do you think the Tiffany's diamonds live up to it's historical glory--as the inventors of the engagement ring as we know it today? Share with us your comments.


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