Friday, September 5, 2008

Shhh the Shine Away with Shiseido

It's the night of the party or wedding. You spend precious time at the salon or home, styling your hair in a sweeping updo. For many women, they spend more time artistically applying makeup to highlight facial features and colors. Then slip into the knock-out outfit. All together the hair, makeup and clothes brings out your inner beauty and essence. This is the fabulous you that is ready to celebrate that special event.

Then what happens? You arrive at the event and someone is taking pictures and you freeze. No time to check the mirror. Sure enough, your smooth, effervescent Cinderella skin has turned into the hideous, ugly step sister, branded with oily skin down the center of your face and across your forehead. If you live in hot, humid climate, this often happens in less than one minute just from walking to your car.

For me, there are two challenges:

1- most small handbags or small purses do not fit an acrylic case of loose powder.

2- adding powder on top of powder and oil, only agitates the skin.

I need something small, slender and that will remove the oil. Masking it with another layer of powder later causes pimples.

You may recall that I attended the Mercedes Benz Swimsuit Fashion show as a winner of a local city contest earlier this year. Part of my prize was a goody bag full of magazines for swimsuits, health drinks, makeup and other samples. This is where I discovered the Shiseido Pure Oil-Control Blotting Sheets. They are paper thin and in pressing against the skin (do not wipe) it really works. The sheet lifts the oil and leaves a clean, matted finish. Since the paper is a light blue, sometimes it leaves a very faint light blue powder but you can gently wipe it away with tissue paper.

The best part of all--it's great for everyday use.

Another benefit, the sheets fit into a tiny purse or pocket. You don't even need a mirror. This product is great for everyday use if you're like most women with half oily, half dry facial skin.

Where can you buy the Shiseido Pure Oil-Control Blotting Sheets? You can purchase them online at the Shiseido site, at Macy's, or the all makeup specialty store, Sephora. All three websites sell it for the same price--100 sheets for $16.50. So pick your favorite store.

Let us know if you have tried the Shiseido Oil Control Blotting paper and share your experience by leaving a comment! Are you a makeup artist? Do you recommend another similar product? POST A COMMENT BELOW!


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