Friday, July 25, 2008

Pistol Panties

Welcome back. As promised I'm sharing a couple of my favorite picks from the Mercedes-Benz Swimsuit Fashion Show.

Pistol Panties--love the name of this delicious bathing suit brand. Very catchy.

Deborah Fleming is the British/Colombian designer for Pistol Panties swimwear. Deborah combines a quirky style and feminine glamour with a perfect flattering, style cut. After studying in London, her first job was designing costumes for film and theater. Vintage dresses of the 1940's served as her inspiration for the contemporary retro look that has captured the attention of fashionistas.

Here is a video of the Pistol Panties runway fashion show in Miami. For the presentation, the creator chose rap music as his music of choice. Warning: the lyrics are not PG rated. So if you have little ones you can turn down the volume while still watching the video. Or, pump it up for the full effect.

Ever visited Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia?? I highly recommend adding Australia to your top 10 places to visit (give yourself minimum 2 weeks). After visiting Bondi Beach both in 1997 and then in 2000, this eclectic beach is a youthful energy of many cultures--Japanese girls surfing, Brazilians in itsy-bitsy bikinis, local girls running with their dogs in bikinis and then American me in my "bikini for the day". Bondi is an eternal, classless haven, but each person has their own identity. Hotel Bondi Swimwear is the creation of artist Fern Levack and surfer Damon Fuller capturing the unabashed, easy-going, eclectic group of Bondites. Their swimwear is authentically Australia--all Australian made using Australian nylon lycra. The holy trinity in Australian fashion is streetwear, denim, and bathing suits. Hotel Bondi is making swimsuit fashion headlines worldwide. See model Tori Paver in a Pistol Panties bikini from Sports Illustrated.

Where can you purchase these bathing suits? Good question. Either online at their respective websites or at a specialty boutique in Nottinghill England for Pistol Panties. Or this is a good excuse to fly to Australia for an extended vacation to get your Bondi swimwear.

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