Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soma Intimates

Does anyone remember the original Victoria's Secret brand? The style, the colors?
It wasn't your racy hot pink and black targeted to young woman of today. No it was for all women especially women 30+. Woman who wanted to wear a secret sexy, alluring undergarment beneath her proper Victorian exterior.

I remember working every Christmas break during high school and college at the local Victoria Secret store at the Columbia Mall. In addition to bras and panties they carried luxurious bath robes, matching slippers and the items were suitable for either me or my mother. Elegant,  but still sexy satin pyjamas. And the men's silk boxers. Oh yes, my male friends each received silk boxers every year.

I didn't have time to shop so work was also my one stop shopping destination. It also helped to get the employees discount. The Victoria's secret once-upon-a-time collection was sexy, but tasteful. I miss those days. How trends and the brand have changed.

Recently I came across  a new brand that reminded me of this sexy-but-elegant style.  Introducing Soma Intimates.  Touting "a bra for every occasion" they feature full coverage, demi cups. unlined, multiway and more. And the styles are alluring and prices are reasonable.

Baroque swirl sheer over holiday inspired black and red bra with a plunge connecting at the bow and faux diamond is the best selling bra. Of course there's a matching bikini panty. Price $46.

Nothing says sexy like a little peek-a-boo underneath that jacket or blouse. It's a bra and camisole in one, in luxurious soft lace. Price $48.

Their collection includes the "Embraceable Robe" and matching velvet slippers, as well as sweaters, leggings, cardigans and lace tops. Just look below at this luxurious robe!

Regulary $79, this robe is currently on sale for $39!

 I just love the classics! Don't you? Visit their website, make your selection and look forward to smiling everytime you pass by that other store. That's kid stuff. Soma is for the goddess within you.

Currently Soma is offering $20 off a $60 purchase by using code 10103 at http://www.soma.com/ or by phone at 1-866-768-7662. The offer expires December 15, 2011. Plus get free shipping with any $75 purchase.



Cheap bridesmaid dresses said...

nice post, thanks for sharing

Soma said...

I love Soma bras and their fabulous personality pj's is my mom's favorite and is slowly becoming mine too.

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