Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just Fabulous Shoes!

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I confess I am a shoe lover and actually have a shoe closet! Yes indeed, a shallow closet with floor to ceiling shelves of shoes!  I lost count as to the number of pair of shoes I own but a shoe is a very important accessory.

The act of shopping is uplifting but thankfully my work keeps me busy and life is good that I need not worry to become a shopaholic. However, a new pair of shoes once in a while is a good thing. 

So I encourage you to visit Just Fabulous to browse for your next pair of FABULOUS Shoes. It's free to join. Just click below.

What is your favorite style of shoe? When did you last buy a pair of shoes? If you purchase here through our link, send us an email with a photo of your shoes and we'll share it online! We want to know what ladies are buying now for the fall. - Free Membership Sign Up. Each item only $39.95 Shipped.


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